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UFC 228 Clips Galore: Rankings the Finishes, from Aljo to Stewart!

Plus a Bonus KO of the Year contender from ACB 89

Dallas, Texas – Wait, isn’t Tyron Woodley supposed to be the boring champ? Not at UFC 228, which saw “The Chosen One” cap an awesome night of action with a flawless performance against towering challenger Darren Till. Woodley’s sneaky D’Arce choke was excellent, but in terms of pure finishes he had a lot of competition from an awesome undercard that featured two kneebars and a bunch of brutal KOs. It’s not quite as good as watching live, but enjoy all the carnage from UFC 228!



1) Aljo backpack kneebars Stamann

A kneebar from back mount – aka the Suloev Stetch – now that’s something you don’t see every day. The first one in UFC history was authored by Kenny Robertson at UFC 157; crazily enough, the second was performed by Zabit Magomedsharipov later on this very card. Hopefully Cody Stamann is OK after getting his knee ligaments unexpectedly ripped to shreds by Aljamain Sterling, who looked better than ever against a quality up-and-comer.



2) Neal nails Camacho

Frank Camacho is the middle class Justin Gaethje, an insane-o warrior who picked up three Fight of the Night bonuses in his first three Octagon appearance. Unfortunately for Camacho, Geoffrey Neal gave him plenty of opportunity to show his legendary heart at UFC 228. Camacho had a big moment as he threw bombs and screamed a war cry mid-cage after eating a series of shots from Neal that would have put most men down. Moments later he was staring up at the lights thanks to the Texan’s most brutal head kick finish.


3) Zabeast kneebars Davis

If Aljamain Sterling hadn’t pulled off nearly the same move earlier in the card, this finish would have been even more eye catching. Zabit Magomedsharipov actually looked a little sluggish early in a fight he was expected to crush, as Brandon Davis’s length put the Dagestani on the back foot at times in round 1. As soon as it turned to grappling, though, Zabeast dominated en route to rolling through into the third back mount kneebar in UFC history:


4) Al-Hassan merks Price

Quite frankly, it takes a crazy person to willingly stand and trade with Abdul Razak Al-Hassan. Niko Price was Al-Hassan’s lunatic huckleberry on this evening. Hindsight is 20/20, of course, but maybe the Florida man should have tried wrestling in this one.


5) Andrade pops Karolina

Jessica Andrade certainly isn’t the average fighter, as she proved back in her days contending at 135 pounds as a 5’1″ brickhouse. But she never looked as vicious as she did at UFC 228 with her brutal KO of Karolina Kowalkiewicz. You can watch hundreds of 115 pound fights without seeing a one shot finish like this one. It really says something about UFC 228 that it only made #5 on the list!


6) Woodley chokes Till

The Ol’ T-Wood Bomb strikes again. Darren Till waded into danger with his hands down and ended up flat on his back with over 4:30 to survive in round 2. The Scouser did a somewhat decent job of eating Tyron Woodley’s brutal ground and pound without losing consciousness. But the concussed Till never saw Woodley’s D’Arce choke coming – his first submission in UFC action, and a fine way to finalize his fourth title defense.


7) Miller wallops White

30 fight Octagon veteran Jim Miller isn’t done yet! The Lyme Disease survivor looked as energetic and violent as ever when he quickly caught Alex White with a left hand and finished him on the ground with classic Miller Brothers tenacity. Between this and Diego Sanchez’s throwback performance versus Craig White, UFC 228 was a helluva night for nostalgia.


8) Suarez smashes Esparza

This Khabib-like performance from Tatiana Suarez was short on drama, as she absorbed exactly 0 significant strikes from former champ Carla Esparza in almost 3 rounds of action.  It was awesome to see the dominant wrestler pursue a finish to the final bell even when the fight was readily in hand. Or was it??? In our weekly example of how stupid it is to involve local governments in MMA officiating, one of the clueless Texas officials mixed up the fighters and gave the first round to Esparza by a 10-8 score. Imagine the look on Suarez’ face if she hadn’t finished and heard Bruce Buffer read off that scorecard.


9) Stewart elbows Byrd

I can think of a dull Fight Night or two where Darren Stewart’s comeback TKO of Charles Byrd might have been in contention for a performance bonus. Not today! Nice job-preserving TKO for “The Dentist”, in any case.



Bonus:  ACB 89 Near Fatality via Spinning Elbow

I watch a metric crapton of pro fights, at least 50 a week, and rarely witnessed an impact as brutally perfect as this spinning elbow counter from Goga Shamatova.  Sort of like Woodley’s slaying of a spinning Dong Hyun Kim back in the day, only 10x more vicious. Short notice victim Pavel Pastushkov was out cold for 5+ minutes after this one, and it was a serious relief to see him walk out of the cage under his own power.  Since he ain’t dead, please enjoy the crap out of this KO of the Year contender:



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