UFC 232 Tinder Predictions: Jon Jones vs Alexander Gustafsson | Cris Cyborg vs Amanda Nunes

We are back with another installment of Tinder Predictions ahead of UFC 233 coming up on Saturday, December 29th at The Forum in Los Angeles. The event was set to talk place at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas but the Nevada Commission was unable to license Jon Jones. This motivated the UFC’s controversial decision to move the event on six-days notice.

If you aren’t already familiar with this series then buckle in, you’re in for a ride. Ahead of UFC PPV events, we take to the popular dating app, Tinder, to see what predictions users have on the headlining fight(s). We keep a tally and display screenshots of the most interesting comments, “hot takes”, and pick-up lines from our findings.

For this event, contributions in the article come from Alex Scaffidi, and Esha Chanel.

Team: Jon “Bones” Jones

“…since Joe Rogan says so…”

The “G.O.A.T” Jon Jones. (At least he can admit what a mess the event is)

I was today-years-old when I learned who “Martian Manhunter” is, and that one of his aliases is John Jones. *shrugs*

Smarten up by when exactly?

“Good for Vegas…”

Team: Alexander “The Mauler” Gustafsson

“I’ll cheer for the other dude ;)”

Bit of a rant, but this guy makes an interesting comparison between the athletic commissions and promoters with their management of Jon Jones’ case, and the weigh-in controversy surrounding the February 2000 fight between Arturo Gatti and Joey Gamache.

Huge points to this guy for making a “Recess” reference.

Selena Gomez’s ex-boyfriend is backing The Mauler!

Team: Cris “Cyborg” Justino

I was confused and thought he was trying to make a joke, but then I realized I only used last names…

Welp… not again. (This time Esha did it)

*Rolls eyes so far back they get stuck*

A 20-fight win streak is pretty sweet… not going to lie.

Weird flex, but okay.

Team: Amanda “The Lioness” Nunes

You heard it here first, Nunes by submission.

The thought of Amanda Nunes potentially becoming the first female two-division champion makes me quite happy.

Not here to talk, just need your fight picks.

This guy is missing out on some phenomenal talent in the UFC if he is skipping out on “WMMA” because Ronda Rousey lost…

Close enough.


Bonus Submissions

Reading this gave me as much discomfort as hearing the word “moist”.

The single “lol” response is just so off-putting.

Guys that waste your time >>> 😍 … Said no girl ever.

This could mean so many things…

A GIF exchange like this is how you get on my good side.

With that, we have come to the conclusion of the UFC 232 chapter in the Tinder Prediction series. In total, we matched with 138 profiles and received 97 official votes.

*Jon Jones – 66 votes  /  Alexander Gustafsson – 31 votes

*Cris Cyborg – 50 votes  /  Amanda Nunes – 47 votes


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