UFC Argentina Recap: Ricardo Lamas Stops Darren Elkins with Brutal Ground and Pound

Leading up to the main event, UFC Argentina had a featherweight fight with some implications for the top ten. Darren Elkins came in looking to prevent a losing streak, while Ricardo Lamas tried to prevent an existing losing streak from getting longer. The fight wouldn’t disappoint, with plenty of striking, clinch work, and a bloody finish.

Elkins ended up on the ground after Lamas landed the first takedown within the first minute, but Elkins was able to stand and clinch, putting Lamas’ back to the cage. Even after the break, Elkins continued to pursue the clinch and was able to get Lamas into the same position halfway through the round, but Lamas succeeded in flipping it so Elkins had his back against the cage and tried with only moderate success to land knees until the break. After leaving the clinch, both fighters threw their strikes fairly evenly near the middle of the Octagon, neither one taking an edge until Elkins tripped Lamas following an attempt at a body kick.

The second round started off with more striking than the opening part of the first round, and Elkins looked to have the slight edge with his hands. Lamas went for a takedown and took the fight to the ground, but couldn’t get Elkins on his back and was forced to return to his feet. Elkins continued to throw and land more punches while Lamas made more use of kicks, seeming to take a more passive approach before being taken down by Elkins, who nearly allowed Lamas to take his back in the following sequence.

Inside of the last two minutes of the second round, Lamas staggered Elkins twice with leg kicks before turning the tide in the striking battle and piecing up Elkins while continuing to target the leg. After staggering around and trying to avoid taking more damage, Elkins clinched in the last minute and would only have to survive about ten more seconds until the end of the round following the break.

Elkins tried to get the fight back to the ground near the start of the third round but Lamas defended before looking for a takedown of his own not much long later, which was also defended. Lamas still went for the legs of Elkins, targeting them with knees in the clinch with almost a couple of minutes gone from the round. Lamas finally landed a takedown going into the last two minutes, gaining side control and eventually standing up to change positions and work on passing the guard.

Despite Elkins throwing upkicks, Elkins was able to move around him and get in position to land huge ground and pound strikes, the referee ending the fight after only a few strikes were landed. The result gives Elkins his second straight loss following Alexander Volkanovski ending his six fight winning streak and drops his record to 24-7. Lamas, on the other hand, breaks a two fight losing streak and picks up his first win since last July.

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