UFC Denver Recap: Mike Trizano Edges Past Luis Pena in Split-Decision

In the opening fight of the FS1 main card is a lightweight bout between Luis Pena (5-0 MMA, 1-0 UFC) and Mike Trizano (7-0 MMA, 1-0 UFC). Trizano was the winner of The Ultimate Fighter season 27 and Pena was a competitor on the same season as well. Pena had to pull out of the competition early after his first fight in the house and many think is he didn’t have to pull out he would have won the show. This is a huge fight in who be considered the best lightweight out of TUF 27

Round 1, Trizano found home with the inside leg kick to lead right leg of Luis Pena. Trizano kept heavy with the kicking game chopping the longer fighter in Pena down. Midway in the round, the kicks forced Pena to close the distance to try to get the fight on the mat. Trizano fought off the takedown very well winning the battle of the under-hooks. The fight did hit the mat for a brief second as Trizano pulled guard for a missed guillotine. Pena closed the round with a standing kimura trying to get the fight down.

Round 2, Trizano started doing a nice job staying on the outside of Pena not allowing him to land anything flush. Pena would be caught desperate at times over-extending on his shots but he would grab a leg to help transition to the back. “Violent Bob Ross” would jump on the back pulling Trizano down. Pena threatened with a rear-naked-choke but Trizano would escape and wind up on top. The round would end with a few good hammer-fist from Trizano and Pena using submissions to create a sweep.

Round 3, although Pena is the taller fighter Trizano was the one landing at range with the strikes and leg kicks. Pena still struggled to close the distance shooting from too far out but he was able to get Trizano against the fence and get the takedown. The fight on the mat had a scramble with Trizano getting on top but quickly Pena regaining top position. The closing minute in the fight was on the feet where Trizano closed the fight nicely slipping the punches from Pena and countering well.
Result- Mike Trizano defeats Luis Pena vis Split-decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)

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