UFC Glendale Results: John Moraga Gets Third Straight Win, Defeats Wilson Reis

In the second fight of the UFC Glendale undercard, John Moraga received a chance to jump back into the mix as a flyweight contender. Coming in on a two-fight win streak, he was matched up with sixth-ranked Wilson Reis, who entered on a losing streak of the same length. Much of the fight was fought on the ground, and despite Reis having a major advantage there, Moraga took the victory by unanimous decision because of his stronger striking.

Moraga staggered Reis with a leg kick in the first thirty seconds, but the first minute or so of the fight was mostly spent at range. Reis was the one to attempt the first takedown, but his double leg shot was defended well from Moraga, who then landed with punches shortly afterward. After Reis shot in for another takedown attempt, Moraga tried a guillotine choke attempt but was slammed to the ground when Reis defended it. The fight went back to a standing position, but inside of the last minute, Reis scored another takedown and Moraga looked for but couldn’t find a submission from the ground.

Moraga entered the second round leading in striking but was brought back to the ground within the first minute and a half of the round. This round followed a similar story to the first, with Reis eating strikes to get into close range and then looking to get the fight to the ground. In the last two minutes of the round, though, Moraga finally caught Reis with a rough flying knee and followed up with punches, tagging him before being taken to the mat after looking for a guillotine submission.

Reis landed another quick takedown at the start of the final round, this one coming against the fence. After battling in the clinch and getting out of a position where Reis had double underhooks, Moraga was able to stand. Reis took Moraga’s back after the next successful takedown, but Moraga used his hands to defend from a choke and Reis finished the fight delivering strikes from the body triangle position.

Despite the big advantage in control time on the ground for Reis, Moraga landed the larger amount of total strikes and impressed the judges enough to get a unanimous decision at the end(29-28, 29-28, 29-28). It’s his third straight win and the third straight loss for Reis, and with Reis currently ranked as the sixth best flyweight, it wouldn’t be out of the question for Moraga to take his spot once the rankings come out.

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