UFC Singapore Results: Leon Edwards Gets Biggest Win of Career Over Cowboy Cerrone

UFC Singapore’s main event featured two of the welterweight division’s best as #11 Donald Cerrone took on #13 Leon Edwards. Cowboy entered his 28th UFC fight coming off of a first-round TKO win over Yancy Medeiros. That win stopped a 3 fight skid that included 2 TKO losses. Edwards came into the fight with a ton of momentum as he was riding a 5 fight winning streak. The last of those wins saw Edwards tie the record for latest finish in UFC history as he stopped Peter Sobotta with 1 second left in the fight. A win for Cowboy would keep him relevant in the welterweight division. An Edwards win would continue his rise toward the top of the welterweight division.

They opened the fight by exchanging body kicks and Cowboy tried to change levels. Cowboy landed a leg kick and Edwards shot for a takedown of his own. Cowboy stopped the takedown and they clinched against the fence. They separated 1:30 into the round and Edwards landed a nice elbow on the break. After a brief stint at range Cowboy shot in for a takedown, but it only resulted in a clinch. They exchanged knees to the body and Edwards landed a left hand on the break. They clinched up again and Cowboy had another takedown stuffed. Edwards landed a head kick with 1:30 left in the round, but Cowboy ate it with little issue. They spent the rest of the round tentatively striking at range and the younger fighter looked to have taken round 1.

Round 2 opened with the fighters exchanging kicks again and they both landed clean body kicks. They continued working at range until Cowboy shot for another takedown a minute and a half into the round. He didn’t get the takedown, but got into a clinch against the cage. They separated 2 minutes in and Edwards again landed the elbow on the break. Cowboy shot again, but was unsuccessful. Cowboy landed a right hand after they separated. Edwards landed a body kick that Cerrone answered with a combination. With a minute left in the round Cerrone landed a front kick to the cup of Edwards and the fight was paused. Cerrone shot for a takedown with a minute left, but was unsuccessful again. As they broke Cowboy landed a head kick while grabbing the glove of Edwards. Edwards protested, but to no avail. The rest of the round finished without incident.

Round 3 started quickly. Edwards drew the first blood with a combo, but Cerrone answers with one of his own. They briefly clinched up again and Edwards landed a strike as they separated. Ceronne landed a big uppercut that got Edwards backing up. Cerrone looked to become the aggressor and went after Edwards with a combo. Cowboy shot for another takedown, but still unable to land his first of the fight. They clinched against the cage and Cowboy continued to try to get it to the ground. Edwards again went for the elbow on the break. They clinched again and Edwards was unsuccessful with the elbow on this break. Cowboy landed a knee to the body. Edwards landed a left hand with 20 seconds left and that ended up as the last action of the round.

Round 4 started with the men exchanging kicks again. Edwards answered one of Cerrone’s leg kicks with a left hand. Cerrone slipped, but Edwards was unable to capitalize. Cerrone once again brought it to the clinch a minute and a half into the round. After they separated Edwards landed a kick to Cerrone’s head. Edwards landed a kick to the body. Cowboy brought it to the clinch again with 2 minutes left and Edwards landed a knee to the body. With 1:30 Cerrone finally landed his first takedown of the fight. Edwards quickly worked his way back to the feet. Edwards threw another head kick and Cerrone almost turned it into takedown #2. Cerrone stalked Edwards late in the round and closed the round with a blocked head kick.

Cowboy tried to rally the crowd as the round started and the men touched gloves. Cerrone came out as the aggressor in round 5, stalking Edwards around the cage. The pace slowed greatly in round 5 as Edwards backed up throwing very little. Cowboy landed the occasional leg kick, but not much else. After this pattern continued for a couple of minutes Cowboy worked his way into the clinch with 2 minutes left. 30 seconds later he secured his second takedown of the fight. With a minute left they returned to the feet. With 15 seconds left in the fight Cowboy pointed to the center of the cage and the men met there and exchanged briefly to close the fight.

Edwards gets the biggest win of his career and likely earns a crack at a top 10 opponent. I certainly wouldn’t be opposed to the fight with Jorge Masvidal he requested after the fight. Cowboy showed he’s still got some gas left in the tank, but likely falls out of the top 15 with the loss.

With the win Edwards improves to 16-3 overall and 8-2 in the UFC. Cerrone’s loss drops him to 34-10 (1 NC) overall and 21-7 in the UFC.


Result: Leon Edwards defeats Donald Cerrone by unanimous decision (48-47 x3)

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