Understanding the Cortney Casey Failed Test and Her Suspension

It was announced earlier in the week that Cortney Casey had failed an in competition drug test and that her win over Jessica Aguilar was overturned to a No Contest. Also Casey was handed a 3 month suspension and $2,000 dollar fine. Our USADA expert Dave Marsdin aka @Dimspace on twitter dives into some of the questions that come out of Cortney’s elevated levels of testosterone.

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Q) What does it mean by a high t/e ratio
A) The normal ratio between testosterone and epitestosterone is 1:1, that is they are normally present in equal amounts. However, these values can vary wildly especially in women. Factors such as exercise, illness, alcohol, infection as well as many medications or even the menstrual cycle can cause the ratio to fluctuate.

Q) Does a high t/e ratio mean high levels of testosterone
A) No. A high ratio just looks at the relationship between the two. It could be that testosterone is very very high and epitestosterone not so, equally, they could both be very very low. For example, 75ng/ml testosterone v 15 ng/ml epitesterone is a 5:1 ratio, but equally, 5 ng/ml testosterone v 1 ng/ml epitestosterone is also a 5:1 ratio. A high t/e ratio could just as easily mean low epitestosterone as it could high testosterone.

Q) Would this be a violation under USADA
A) No. Under USADA a ratio of 5:1 would just be considered atypical or unusual. This would lead to follow up testing to either accurately measure the amount of testosterone and epitestosterone (as urinology is not accurate) or test for the presence of exogenous testosterone. They would not class 5:1 as a violation, especially in a female where it is known that ratios can vary wildly.

Q) Does this mean that Casey used PED’s?
A) There is no way of knowing based purely on t/e ratio’s. Certainly, there is no way that Texas commission can make that decision based purely on ratio’s or standard screen of a urine sample.

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