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Venator Fighting Championship 4: the definitive card and the weigh-in results

All the info on the event that will take place tomorrow night at Fabrique in Milan

Here is the definitive card and the weigh-in results for Venator Fighting Championship 4, the event held tomorrow night at Fabrique in Milan. The main card will start at 8:30 PM GMT +1, preceded by the preliminary card beginning at 6:00 PM GMT +1.

Venator FC Middleweight Title bout 3X5
Mattia Schiavolin (15-2-2) [183.6] vs. Jonas Billstein (19-5) [184.4]

Venator FC Welterweight Title bout 3X5
Roberto Rigamonti (4-2-1) [170 lbs] vs. Mauricio Reis (16-1o) [169.9]

MAIN CARD (kickoff at 8:30 PM local time)
Venator FC Lightweight Title bout 3×5
Ivan Musardo (25-11-1) [153.8 lbs] (C) vs. Leonardo Zecchi (14-9-1) [154.7 lbs]

Venator FC Featherweight Title bout 3X5
Federico Mini (6-0) (C) [144.5 lbs] vs. Emrah Sonmez (8-1) [143.9 lbs]

Bantamweight bout 3X5
Davide Baneschi (10-6, 1 NC) [135.2 lbs] vs. Imad Bouamri (3-4) [135 lbs]

Lightweight bout 3X5
Rafael Torres Henrique (10-3-1) [145.6 lbs] vs. Paata Tschapelia (7-3) [145.7 lbs]

Featherweight bout 3X5
Luca Puggioni (12-12-1, 1 NC) [148.5 lbs]* vs. Tony Fox (6-4) [145.3 lbs]
*Puggioni had 2 hours of time in order to make weight, at his second attempt he weighted in at 146.4 lbs.

Lightweight bout 3X5
Danilo Belluardo (8-3) [155.8 lbs] vs. Marco Manara (8-7) [155.1 lbs]

Heavyweight bout 3X5**
Pietro Cappelli (3-1) vs. Mohamed “Flex” Ali (10-13, 2 NC)
**Both fighters didn’t take part in the weigh-in ceremony, Cappelli remains on the card facing the German Daniel “Fight Fever” Kimmling (3-7 MMA) instead of the Egyptian

Catchweight (209 lbs) bout 3X5***
Matteo Minonzio (21-20) [207.6 lbs] vs. Giuseppe Ruotolo (3-5-1) [202.6 lbs]
***Previously announced as a bout in the light heavyweight division

PRELIMINARY CARD (IMMAF Amateur Rules, kickoff at 6:00 PM local time)

Light heavyweight bout 3X3
Emmanuele Troia vs. Mario Mingaj

Middleweight bout 3×3
Giacomo Michelis vs. Andrian Murug

Welterweight bout 3×3
Andrei Oniscenco vs. Danilo Messina

Middleweight bout 3×3
Edwin Velasquez vs. Michael Reali

Lightweight bout 3×3
Matteo Lambardi vs. Mihail Yordanov

Middleweight bout 3×3
Michael Ghirlanda vs. Federico Dettori

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