Weekly MMA Prospect Report: 4/9/18-4/15/18

300 Sparta 25, Thursday. (4/12) – Peru

Featherweight, Sergio Giglio (11-0):

Giglio is a grappling and submission ace in his home nation of Peru. His awareness for the arm is perfect, as he knows how to finish against a variety of defenses – and that’s at the very young age of 21. He doesn’t do much on the feet yet. But he does time his entrances well and has plenty of time to develop his standup. Once he gets his opponent in the clinch, he’s shown a lot of strength by lifting his opponents and showcasing big throws. He fights Antonio Galvo (4-4) who is on a two-fight skid.

Brave 11, Friday. (4/13) – Brazil

Lightweight, Luan Santiago (12-2)

Santiago was some kind of Brazilian 2016 best fighter of the year award so that being said, he has a lot of hype surrounding him. From what I’ve seen from Luan he likes to stay standing. It appears he has decent BJJ and can hold his own but, on the feet is where he is best. Luan’s best weapon is his kickboxing. He kicks hard, he is versatile with his shot selection on his kicks, and he kicks often. He has a good jab he uses and is excellent when he throws combinations, as well as being proficient at throwing single shots at range. A solid fighter that is still a bit green. He fights Lucas Martins (19-3) who is a former UFC fighter who is on a four-fight win streak and is the favorite in this fight.
Light Heavyweight, Klidson Farias (11-2)

Farias is a solid BJJ guy that is very physically strong, but for a bigger guy he is really light on top and his transitions are so smooth. Farias does well on the feet, he at times lacks footwork but he is explosive and they way he strikes his way into the clinch is efficiently done. Farias has good wrestling which compliments his BJJ and overall he’s just a very good prospect. Still young at 25, is the current Brave 205-pound champion. He fights Matt Baker (14-9) who is coming off a loss.
*Also, watch for a Bantamweight belt between Carlos Soares and Georges Bardawil who are both promising but just need to show more.

Bellator 197, Friday. (4/13) – Kansas

Featherweight, AJ McKee (10-0)

McKee has very good wrestling and is able to get many takedowns all together in a fight. McKee athleticism means he can get the easy double leg or just suplex his opponent to the mat. On top, McKee moves well but his control and top position are what stand out. McKee striking is good and still improving, he is strong in the clinch and likes to use knees, and from range he’s started to use more of his kickboxing skills, even getting a head kick in his career. McKee is also getting better at keeping his opponent at his preferred range, even with his ever-improving striking, the mat is where he really shows his high skill level. He fights Justin Lawrence (11-4) who is a vet and former UFC fighter currently on a two-fight winning streak. This is a good test for McKee.
Welterweight, Logan Storley (7-0) 

Storley is a four-time All American wrestler, who has been dominating in his MMA career thus far. Storley makes takedowns look easy, has heavy pressure and lands big ground and pound where he is the most effective, finishing all his fights by TKO. Storley is a great wrestler, though on the feet he hasn’t shown too much. He has a powerful right hand and does a good job throwing straight punches and has shown good leg kicks. He fights Joaquin Buckley (8-1) who is on a two-fight winning streak but has many holes Storly should exploit.
Flyweight, Juliana Velasquez (6-0)

A product out of Team Nogueira, Velasquez holds an undefeated record with three finishes. She has a lot of things she needs to work on especially in terms of her stand-up. Velasquez has power in her hands but only throws one strike at a time and really lacks footwork where she just stands in front of her opponents. She has good judo and at home on the mat where her jiu-jitsu shines. She fights Rebecca Ruth (6-2) who is coming off a loss.
Bantamweight, Eric Ellington (4-0)

Some may look over Ellington cause he is 29-years-old and only 4-0. Ellington had a long amateur career going 12-1 winning five different regional titles. He is an explosive guy in everything he does as he blitzing forward with big lunging hooks with big power in his hands. Being the dangerous power puncher, Ellington is an excellent wrestler who is very powerful along with finesse with scrambles. He has good grappling and as he’s not really a submission threat he has active ground and pound and moves very freely on top. He fights Jordan Howard (10-4) who is coming off a loss but is a good prospect of his own.

KSW 43, Saturday. (4/14) – Poland

Welterweight, Roberto Soldic (13-2)

Over the span of October 14, 2017, to December 23, 2017, Soldic made a huge name for himself beating the Cage Warriors veteran Lewis Long and KSW champion Borys Mankowski. Before those two fights, Soldic was a virtual unknown and now might be the breakthrough prospect of 2017. Soldic is always coming forward and always looking for the finish. Soldic has heavy hands and a very accurate head kick, which he has dropped so many opponents with. It’s the constant volume Soldic throws that allows him to do so well. He’s always throwing punches behind kicks and visa-versa. Soldic is the real deal. He fights Dricus Du Plessis (11-1).
Welterweight, Dricus Du Plessis (11-1)

Dricus is only twenty-four years old. His only loss is to UFC fighter Garreth McLellan, but since then he has won seven in a row, including winning the EFC Welterweight title. He is a good wrestler, with eight of his eleven wins coming by submission all by some form of choke. So his ability to get the back is very good and he can drop for a guillotine and lock it up in an instant. He is a South African K-1 kickboxing champion so he is certainly someone to watch out for. He fights Roberto Soldic (13-2).
Featherweight, Salahdine Parnasse (10-0-1)

 Parnasse is a good talent with 11 total fights and at only 20 years old. Parnasse would prefer to keep the fight on the feet where he can use his effective movement and a good kickboxing base. On the feet, he does a good job at moving in and out and really loves to attack with leg kicks, which really set up his strikes better. One of his best attributes is his cardio as he can fight at the same pace for three rounds, which often puts him above his opponents. Parnasse has four wins by submission, all coming via choke, so he is well rounded in all areas. He fights Artur Sowinski (18-9) who is coming off a loss.

Victory FC 60, Saturday. (Indiana)

Heavyweight, Mohammed Usman (3-0)

Usman certainly has the hype behind him as he is a natural athlete, playing football growing up parallel to being a top wrestler in his high school. Mohammed is the younger brother of UFC star Kamaru Usman so athletic the talent runs in the family. Usman has won both of his fights in the first round by armbar so the wrestling is really paying him off so far in his short-lived MMA career thus far. He fights Dontale Mayes (3-2) who is coming off a loss but is the biggest test to date for Usman.
Lightweight, Zach Fears (7-2)

Where Fears is strongest is in the clinch, where he uses knees effectively, but does very well at dropping levels and getting the takedown where he has nasty ground and pound. His standup isn’t too bad either, he has good striking from range and likes to use a lot of kicks. He doesn’t have that one aspect that he’s great at, but he’s well rounded, similar to Myles Jury. He fights Tim Cho (6-2) who is on a two-fight winning streak but Fears should be able to take him down.
Lightweight, Pat Sabatini (8-1)

Sabatini has only one loss in his career to top lightweight prospect, Robert Watley, but Sabatini is a solid prospect as well. MMA footage lacks on Sabatini but he does have a background in grappling, competing in competitions like No-Gi, and has a background in combat sambo. Sabatini is clearly dangerous on the mat with seven finishes all coming by submission. Sabatini is also the raining defending CFFC 155-pound champion. He fights Jose Mariscal (6-3) who is coming off a loss and a draw.
*Also watch for undefeated(6-0) Flyweight, Askar Askar who is hard to find footage on but he beat a good prospect in James Blair in his last bout.

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