Weekly MMA prospect report: Patrick Mix, Carrington Banks, and more!

Brave CF 12, Friday. (5/11) – Asia

Lightweight, Hardeep Rai (2-0)

He’s only 2-0 as a pro but had a lengthy amateur career going 11-2. Rai on the feet has a good stance and throws a lot of oblique kicks. Rai is quick and can close the distance with strikes excellent. On the feet, it’s still a work in progress but on the mat is where he is best. First, his wrestling is good with well executed double and single leg takedowns. On the mat, he is fluid in movement with his jiu-jitsu as he only has two career submissions it’s more of him thriving in scrambles in getting in dominant positions. Rai is not someone I’m fully sold on but is worth to watch for. He fights Josh Brewin (1-0) who lacks in footage.

Battle of Volga 4, Friday. (5/11) – Russia

Heavyweight, Shamil Abasov (3-0)

Only 3-0 in MMA, Shamil has a lot of hype behind him. Shamil trains with a solid camp out of Russia, Eagles MMA who trains with Movlid Khaibulaev, Akhmet Aliev, and more. Shamil has a background in kickboxing being a world champion. In only three fights, he’s fought Yuri Gobenko and Charles Andrade that have a combined 130 fights which is a good start for someone to start their career. Abasov has showcased his kickboxing skills throwing damaging leg kicks and even has a head kick knockout. He is definitely someone to watch for. He fights Alexander Soldatkin (2-1) who should lose this.
Bantamweight, Omar Nurmagomedov (6-0)

He is a relative of UFC star Khabib Nurmagomedov and he fights very similar to him. He has good wrestling and great top control with constant ground-and-pound and excellent cardio. He not as good as Khabib yet but he does have very good kickboxing, something Khabib lacks. He has the speed behind his kicks, not exactly the power but it provides a problem for his opponents as he throws a lot as well. He may not be the most exciting to watch but he is dominant. He fights  Fatkhidin Sobirov (12-1)
Bantamweight,  Fatkhidin Sobirov (12-1)

Sobirov is a solid prospect who is on a ten-f0ght win streak and is a Tajikistan native. On the feet, Sobirov has power in his hands but wants to close the distance and get the takedown. The way he get’s the takedowns are excellent as he has timing on his double legs or he can suplex guys. On top is where he does his best work as he has effective ground and pound but has seven submissions. He fights Omar Nurmagomedov (6-0).

M-1 Challenge 91, Friday. (5/11) – China

Featherweight, Musu Nuertiebieke (12-2)

In my opinion, I believe Nuertiebiek is currently one of the best prospects coming out of China. eight of his nine finishes are in the first round as he is a quick starter. Nuertiebiek has bombs in his hands but loves to slam, suplex, or just double leg and get his opponents to the mat. Nuertiebiek has good jiu-jitsu and but his transitions are smooth as he gets dominant positions in almost every one of his fights. He is a threat when it comes to ground and pound and submissions as well. Someone to watch for sure. He fights Daniel Swain (17-8-1) who Musu should beat.

Bamma 35, Saturday. (5/12) – Ireland

Welterweight, Kiefer Crosbie (3-0)

Crosbie is a product out of the Straight Blast Irelan Gym who has really turned his pro career around after a back and fourth amateur career going 6-6. Crosbie isn’t great anywhere but he has some good qualities. His takedown defense could need some work but he is decent off his back. He could throw more on the feet but he does hit hard. What Crosbie does the best is land massive elbows as he has shown on the feet and on the mat. Someone to watch but don’t expect much out of. He fights Josh Plant (2-1) who Crosbie should beat.
Welterweight, Fabian Edwards (4-0)

Edwards is only 4-0 as a pro but has a stellar amateur record of 10-0. He is the younger brother of UFC star Leon Edwards. Much like Leon, Fabian has been on a tear outside of the UFC and many think he could succeed in the UFC as well. The only visible weakness seen in his career is that he finds himself on his back at times. However, he has gotten a lot better with his takedown defense and scrambles. Edwards is a very scary fighter, especially on the feet. He has the power in his hands to put guys to sleep, which he’s shown throughout his career. He throws everything to end the fight and has also won a couple fights with knees/flying knees but three of his pro fights are won via submission. Edwards is an explosive, athletic beast that is a tremendous prospect. He fights Claudio Conti (7-4-2) who is coming off a win but Edwards is expected to win this.

KOTC, Saturday. (5/12) – New York

Bantamweight, Patrick Mix (6-0)

Undefeated as a pro and also as an amateur going 11-0. With two fights left on his KOTC contract and with two wins easily look for Mix to sign with the UFC. Mix is all about pressure and he is always moving forward walking his opponent down. Mix has nine career submissions showing he is more comfortable on the mat but his time at Jackson Wink MMA has been improving him every step of the way. Look for Mix in the future and as he looks to take his toughest challenge this week against Tony Gravely (12-4).

Bellator 199, Saturday. (5/11) – California

Lightweight, Carrington Banks (7-0)

Banks the product out of Blackzilians is an excellent wrestler. Banks is a naturally athletic guy that is very explosive and strong and once he utilizes his wrestling he is where he needs to be. Banks actually has heavy hands but never want’s to trade but if he learns to let his hands go he will be much better. He fights Adam Piccolottin (9-2) who is on a two-fight skid.


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