Weekly MMA Prospect Report: TJ Laramie, Robert Watley, Nate Andrews and More!

TKO Fight Night 1, Thursday. (8/2) – Canada

Featherweight, TJ Laramie (8-2)

 Laramie is a former Kickboxing and jiu-jitsu champion and utilizes a wide skillset together making his an all-around solid fighter. Laramie owns excellent wrestling, a smooth ground game and one-punch knockout power on the feet. He is also the current TKO Featherweight Champion. He fights Alex Morgan (8-3) who beat TJ in the past so this will be a very interesting fight.

PFL #5, Thursday. (8/2) – New York

Lightweight, Robert Watley (11-1)

Watley has won the Shogun, XCC, and recently the LFA Lightweight championships. Watley is a very dominant fighter who is very well-rounded with solid striking and exceptional wrestling. Watley is very well-conditioned as he can go five rounds with ease. He also defends takedowns well as part of a good fundamental base. Watley is a very dominant fighter. He fights Will Brooks (19-4) who is a former UFC and Bellator fighter and a great test for Watley.

Lightweight, Islam Mamedov (15-2)

A top-level wrestler, Mamedov finds the takedown naturally and on top, he is as good as it gets. He sticks like glue, he moves well, and is even excellent at taking the back. His ground and pound is very solid – not heavy strikes but constant strikes. Once Mamedov gets the separation he has a good submission game. On the feet, he is explosive, and he lunges forward with hooks and flying knees. He has power but his ground game is where he is best. He fights Efrain Escudero (30-13) who is a former UFC fighter and a good test for Islam.

WXC 73, Friday. (8/3) – Michigan

Heavyweight, Brett Martin (4-0)

He carries a lot more weight than most fighters but that doesn’t stop him from being a solid prospect. He is foremost a wrestler a very strong guy being able to lift guys and slam them to the mat. Once on top he is staying there he knows how to use his weight but he doesn’t just lay and pray. He has very good ground and pound and on the feet, he does have knockout power but relies on his wrestling. He fights Leroy Johnson (7-2) who is coming off a win and is the biggest test in the career of Martin.

Welterweight, Troy Lamson (11-2)

At only 26, Lamson has a lot of experience with 11 pro fights and 17 amateur fights (17-0). First and foremost, Lamson is an excellent wrestler having wrestled at Michigan State University.  The wrestling has translated nicely to MMA thus far. Lamson doesn’t tend to strike much but he holds power but then again, he finds it much easier to get the takedown get the back and unleash ground-and-pound. He fights Joe Elmore (12-11) who is on a two-fight skid.

CES 51, Friday. (8/3) –  Rhode Island

Lightweight, Nate Andrews (13-1)

Being 34-years-old in the lightweight division, he’s not really considered a prospect to many, but Andrews’ record and his abilities can’t be ignored. Andrews’ best weapon is his choke as he holds eight submission wins finding the neck. Nearly all his fights include Andrews threatening the choke at some point. Andrews is able to be taken down but he has good defense off of his back and solid jiu-jitsu threatening submissions from the bottom. On the feet, Andrews has long punches he uses at range and mixing in solid kicks. Andrews even holds a head kick knockout. Overall a really fun fighter to watch with a 100% finish rate. “The Snake” is on a seven-fight win streak and the CES Champ. He fights D’Juan Owens (16-12-1) who is coming off a loss.

Pancrase 298, Sunday. (8/4) – Japan

Featherweight – Mike Grundy (11-1)

Grundy is a former England freestyle wrestling champion and man, is his wrestling good. Grundy has transitioned that into MMA and has some of the best wrestling in MMA of what I’ve seen outside the big leagues as his explosiveness, timing, and strength is unreal. I would consider Grundy a side control expert, he gets into side control easy. He is perfect at keeping position and all his submissions mainly has come from side control with anaconda chokes and arm triangle he hasn’t really fought on the feet but with his wrestling, he doesn’t have to ever. He fights Hiroshige Tanaka (12-5) who is coming off a loss.

Atomweight, Loma Lookboonmee (1-0)

Loma may be only 1-0 but she is arguably the most watched talent in WMMA in the next coming years. Looma is well-known for her large background in Muay-Thai where she became a nine-time champion. Her mma debut couldn’t have gone any better where she dominated the clinch with nasty elbows and solid control. She also showed solid takedown defense as well. She still has a lot to prove but at 21, watch out. She fights Hana Date (2-4) who is coming off a loss.

Shooto Brasil 86, Sunday. (8/4) – Brazil

Welterweight, Edson Marques (6-0)

Marques is solely a striker who has two finishes by one-punch knockout. Marques is very technical as he picks his shots but also very accurate. He will sit on the outside and use effective leg kicks and long punches and does an excellent job circling out with good footwork. Marques is a good MMA prospect to watch out of Brazil. He fights Wilker Lemos (5-0) where footage lacks.

Flyweight, Daniel Lacerda (6-0)

Lacerda is a good talent at only 22-years-old but has still yet been tested in his six bouts. On the feet, he is very quick and dynamic as he loves to launch flying knees and spinning kicks but sets it up very well. Lacerda is better on the feet where he has slick jiu-jitsu as he is dangerous from top or bottom as he holds three submission wins. The wrestling is good as well but just needs to focus more on his hands. He fights Luan Matheus (9-6) who is on a two-fight skid.

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