Weekly MMA Prospect Report: Yaroslav Amosov, Valentin Moldavsky, Will Morris, Michael Tobin, and More

Each week MMA prospect expert Shawn Bitter looks at the top up and coming fighters stepping in the cage around the globe. From the tiniest shows to Bellator prelims we give you the cream of the crop.

RCC 3, Monday. (7/9)- Russia

Light Heavyweight, Klidson Farias (12-2)

Farias is a solid BJJ guy that is very physically strong, but for a bigger guy he is really light on top and his transitions are so smooth. Farias does well on the feet, he at times lacks footwork but he is explosive and they way he strikes his way into the clinch is efficiently done. Farias has good wrestling which compliments his BJJ and overall he’s just a very good prospect. Still young at 25 so the future is bright for him. He fights Viktor Nemkov (25-6) who has been around and beat and lost to some good fighters. This is a major test for Farias.


Bellator 202, Friday. (7/13) – Oklahoma

Welterweight, Yaroslav Amosov (19-0)

He is a very excellent fighter all around. His stand-up he combines his kicks and punches very well and he moves in and out really good with his punches and he uses his reach good too. Yaroslav doesn’t have a lot of knockout power but he is a finisher finishing all but two of his wins. Amosov also has very good submissions with 9 submission wins using his long arms for mostly chokes and also he has great TDD. He fights Gerald Harris (25-6) who is coming off a loss but is a big test for Amosov.


Light-heavyweight, Valentin Moldavsky (7-1)

He is mainly a wrestler, he knows how to effectively position himself for the takedown if that is in the clinch where he is at his strongest being able to control the position or if he just grabs a single leg for the takedown. On top, Moldavsky is as heavy as you can be as he is strong on top and all this is from a background in Sambo. On the feet, he doesn’t go right for the knockout he is more of a counter striker with a lot of power but has solid defense just a few adjustments would make him a complete fighter. He fights Ernest James (1-0) who is inexperienced and Valentin should win this easy.

Welterweight, Will Morris (3-0)

At only 3-0 Bellator found themselves a gem as Will Morris is a special talent. Morris is only 3-0 as a pro but he also went 3-0 as an amateur and with the competition not being so strong his opponents have had more experience. Morris has looked stellar in his short career as he has shown an overall skill-set. On the feet, in a wide stance, Morris is very explosive and fast and has shown he has the power to put guys down and has shown a good understanding of timing. Morris also has a submission win and a TKO via ground and pound. Morris is the real deal. He fights Charles Williams (2-2) who is coming off a win but Morris should win this.

Eternal 35, Saturday. (7/14) – Australia

Featherweight, Michael Tobin (14-2)

Tobin is a high-level jiu-jitsu practitioner with 13 of his 14 wins via submission. Tobin has a very strong and active submission attack and is very diverse as he has finished with a crucifixion armbar, bicep slicer, rear-naked choke, armbar, triangle, and a toehold. Tobin is considered one-dimensional as on the feet he does need a lot of work. He does do a good job at closing the distance and his wrestling is improving but once he’s on the mat he is right at home. He fights Garret Gross (6-5) who is on a two-fight skid.

WFCA 49, Saturday. (7/14) – Russia

Featherweight, Anzor Abdulkhozjaev (6-1)

Anzor is still young at only 21-years old and is a very promising prospect out of the well-known camp in Russia, Akhmat Fight Club. Usually, his opponents will try to take Anzor down because of his tall build but recently he has shown some great takedown defense and good instincts going after the neck. On the feet, Anzor is a problem as don’t have a lot of power but is accurate and does an excellent job mixing in kicks from range. He fights Mukhamadzhon Kurbanov (5-1) who is on a three-fight win streak but Anzor is better.

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