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FFC 34, Wednesday (Peru)

Lightweight, Rudy Gavidia (9-2)

The Peru native out of the 155-pound division is quite the showboat as shown in his fights as he has every right to be stringing together all his nine wins in a row after losing his first two fights. Gavidia has a background in jiu-jitsu and was a boxing champion in China in 2008 and 2009. Gavidia is well-rounded as he has a good jab with leg kicks on the feet but may be better on the feet. He moves well on top but is very heavy as well and as he has good ground and pound he does hold five submissions. Rudy still has a lot to prove as his competition has beat weak. He fights William Valentim (5-1) who lacks in footage.

Brave CF 16, Friday. (Abu Dhabi)

Featherweight, Elias Boudegzdame (15-4)

“Smile” is improving each fight, on the feet he shows athleticism going for flying knees and jumping kicks he isn’t the most technical but he is still a threat. Boudegzdame’s ground game is outstanding with great BJJ finishing 12 of his 14 wins by submission proving he is high-level on the mat. He will though pull guard and at times is too comfortable off his back but there aren’t many fighters who can hang with him on the mat. He fights Bubba Jenkins (12-4) who is coming off a win and I think the favorite to win this fight.

Welterweight, Mounir Lazzez (6-0)

Lazzez was wrecking guys , winning five of his six fights by KO/TKO as he captured a regional title in the process. Lazzez has the nickname “The Sniper” and that couldn’t be more true – his accuracy is awesome and once he connects flush it’s lights out. He is athletic, quick, and well rounded. He can get the takedown and work on top, but on the feet, that’s where he can let loose, he is really at home. He also holds two awesome head kick knockouts. He fights Dmitrijs Homjakovs (4-0) where I think Lazzez is better everywhere.

Ring of Combat 65, Friday. (New Jersey)

Featherweight, Bill Algeo (10-3)

In the last six years, Algeo has gone 9-2 with losses to Jared Gordon and Shane Burgos who are both UFC fighters and in the process, he has captured the ROC title. Algeo is well-rounded as he has a Blackbelt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu who has won multiple championships, an All-State Wrestler, Collegiate Boxer, and an undefeated Professional Muay Thai Fighter. I believe Algeo shines more on the mat where his jiu-jitsu is solid and he thrives in scrambles. He has a good muay thai base landing very well in the clinch. He does need to keep his hands up more and tighten up his takedown defense but is improving. He fights Scott Heckman (27-8) who is on a 7-fight win streak but Algeo should win this.

Bantamweight, Phil Caracappa (6-0)

Caeacappa started wrestling at a young age all the way up to high school and later transitioned into MMA where he is now undefeated as a pro and is the ROC champion. He is a solid wrestler of course with his background which has conversed over into his MMA career and that would be his best aspect. But on top, he brings a good top position with solid jiu-jitsu. His stand-up is still a work in progress but he has good volume and technique but it still needs work. He fights former UFC fighter Louis Gaudinot (8-4) who is on a two-fight win streak since his release and this will be a big fight for Phil.

Lightweight, Sidney Outlaw (10-3)

Outlaw is always pressing forward and once he gets his hands together, he is most likely getting the fight down. He is a powerful guy and he also has very high grappling IQ as he knows when to level-change to complete the takedown. Once on the mat, he is good as he is a veteran of regional jiu-jitsu contests. He is the current Ring of Combat and Titan FC champion and has fought a very competitive fight with top UFC contender Gregor Gillespie. He fights Krzysztof Kulak (31-15) who is on a 5-fight win streak but Outlaw’s wrestling should be superior.

TKO 44, Friday. (Canada)

Light-heavyweight, Marc-Andre Barriault (10-1)

With only one loss to his record, Barriault is now on a 7-fight win streak including a win over Jo Vallee who was the only one that has beat him in his professional career. The “Power Bar” is the current TKO middleweight champion and will now move up to 205 to fight for the light-heavyweight title. Barriault is a physical fighter who relies on his strength and power. He has all seven of his finishes by KO/TKO and has shown huge power in his hands and excellent fight stopping ability. He does get hit a lot and does need to tighten up his takedown defense but his toughness will take him far like it always has. He fights Adam Hunter (7-1) wh hasn’t fought in over two years.

Heavyweight, Adam Dyczka (7-0)

“Kung Fu Panda” is a proficient striker with solid boxing skills. He favors his jab and follows up with hooks while adding in some hard leg kicks as well. Dyczka doesn’t look like an athlete, with the muscle-mass a lot of average guys have, but he’s proven he can keep a solid pace for three rounds and has the ability to end it in the first. He hasn’t really been on the mat through his first seven pro bouts. Standing at 6’3, the big man knows how to use his size to stop regional-level fighters from taking him down. Dyzka has been improving in all areas and is really one of the best heavyweights outside the UFC. He fights Ciryl Gane (1-0).

Bantamweight, Jesse Arnett (15-4)

Arnett is a very talented fighter who may be the best Canadian pro outside the UFC and Bellator.  Arnett is a solid technician, good experience, and has beat strong competition with a combined record of 126-60-3.  His striking is very crisp, he has good power and he is terrific at finding openings from tricky angles. He lands the uppercut regularly and his head movement really compliments his striking – he really likes to stand in the pocket and outduel his opponents with straight punches, uppercuts, and plenty of knees. His takedown defense is good enough for the top level of the regional scene, his wrestling is decent, and his scrambling is smooth.  When he does get on top, he moves very well and immediately hunts for (and usually finds) the submission. He fights Nathan Maness (9-0) who is good but Arnett should be better everywhere.

Middleweight, Julien Leblanc (5-0)

Leblanc is well rounded as he just needs a little polished in his footwork and he will be even much better. Leblanc likes to strike and really the key for him is the distance. He uses hight and range at 6’1″ with long kicks to the body and many jabs putting the two together very nicely. Leblanc doesn’t really shoot for takedowns but is effective in the clinch using trips. He is good in scrambles and he does have three submissions to his name. The ground and pound is good along with some smooth jiu-jitsu. He fights Damien Lapilus (16-11) who is on a four-fight skid but a good tet for Leblanc.

Bellator 205, Friday. (Idaho)

Featherweight, AJ McKee (11-0)

McKee has very good wrestling and is able to get many takedowns all together in a fight. McKee athleticism means he can get the easy double leg or just suplex his opponent to the mat. On top, McKee moves well but his control and top position are what stand out. McKee striking is good and still improving, he is strong in the clinch and likes to use knees, and from range he’s started to use more of his kickboxing skills, even getting a head kick in his career. McKee is also getting better at keeping his opponent at his preferred range, even with his ever-improving striking, the mat is where he really shows his high skill level. He fights John Macapa (21-3) who is on a two-fight skid.

Lightweight, Josh Wick (9-3)

At only 23 years of age, Wick has strung together a couple wins over good competition and has won two regional titles in his career. Wick started off his career as a very jiu-jitsu heavy fighter with his first six wins are by submission but now you see him stay mainly on the feet mixing it up. He likes to keep range and use his kicks to dictate the pace and as he has a good variety of kicks he does an excellent job chopping the legs down. Wick is also very explosive and quick with exceptional movement. “The White Mamba” is just as good on the mat with slick jiu-jitsu and ground and pound. He’s improving with each fight. He fights Johnny Nunez (6-1) who is coming off a loss.

Featherweight Adam Borics (11-0)

The 25-year-old from Hungary has a background in Thai boxing and karate but is more effective on the mat. Borics is still green on the feet as he throws single shots and throws himself off balance but he is explosive and has good extension on his strikes.  His takedown defense isn’t where it needs to be but he is excellent at locking up the triangle with 3 of his 5 submission wins by a triangle where his jiu-jitu is a problem. Overall he’s still green but there is potential. He fights Josenaldo Silva (25-6) who is on a two-fight skid but this is his biggest test to date.

Heavyweight, Steve Mowry (4-0)

Still green at only 4-0, this giant, standing a 6’9″, has all the tools to be a dangerous guy at Heavyweight. Training out of Combat Club the 26-year-old Mowry has plenty of time to develop into a more complete fighter. Though he’s only 4-0 as a pro, Mowry went 7-0 as an amateur with five wins by submission. He has some things to work on like his striking which is improving, but overall he does a good job and stays long, but is more effective in the clinch with knees. He has solid wrestling, being at his best once on the mat. And once there he has good jiu-jitsu for a big guy. He fights Ben Moa (4-0) who is a good test but Mowry could easily win on the mat.

Light-heavyweight, Jarod Trice (3-0)

 He is a 3x NCAA Division 1 All-American wrestler. Trice is still green which is understandable with only three fights but he has promise. Trice obviously has shown wrestling, even suplexing his opponents showing his strength and the ground and pound is very impressive. On the feet,  he does have power and good output with decent hand speed. His biggest issue is he should be fighting at middleweight cause he’s too small for 205 and once he fights someone good the outcome will go against him. He fights Sean Powers (9-6) who is coming off a loss.

LFA 50, Friday. (Minnesota)

Middleweight, Brendan Allen (9-3)

Allen has already been in so many memorable fights at a young age of just 22. His only losses are to current UFC fighters Eyrk Anders Trevin Giles, and Anthony Hernandez. His grappling is outstanding, he has great scrambles and moves very freely on top, and he can take the back or the mount with ease. Allen can either rain down elbows for the TKO or grab a choke, so it will take a skilled fighter to beat him on the mat. In terms of standup, he’s not bad at all, he keeps good distance throwing strikes and leg kicks, he doesn’t have a lot of power, but he likes to get into the clinch to get knees flowing along with mixing in takedowns. He fights Tim Hiley (7-0) who Allen should beat.

Heavyweight, Calyn Hull (6-0)

Hull is undefeated as a pro but as an amateur, he went 5-0 as well. On the feet, he does lack overall as he stands too tall and just doesn’t throw enough. Hull is a guy who relies on his physical strength as he does have good wrestling. On the mat is where he wants to be as he works submissions very well with all four finishes by the way of submission. He’s still very Green but he’s getting better. He fights Daniel James (7-3-1) who Hull should beat.


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