Welcome to the UFC: Artem Frolov

With the UFC coming to Moscow, Russia on September 15th of this year. The UFC has signed a few talented Russia fighters for the event. A bout was scheduled in the middleweight division was set between CB Dollaway and Omari Akhmedov but unfortunately, Akhmedov has to pull out. With that said, UFC would make a big move in sighing M1 champion Artem Frolov so step in and save the bout.

Artem Frolov

Rostov-on-Don, Russia
Trains out of Legion Fight Team
4 Submission (Rear-naked-choke, 2 guillotine’s, armbar, triangle)

How will Artem Frolov fare in the UFC:

Frolov like many other top Russian prospects holds a background in combat sambo as he was a national champion as well as being ranked a “master of sports”. Frolov is a legit talent proving that when he won the M1 title which is a huge accomplishment with the level of talent M1 has as Frolov has beat the likes of prospects such as Ayub Gimbatov, and two former UFC fighters in Caio Magalhaes and Joe Riggs. In terms of where Frolov is best at, it would have to be on the mount on top position but many fights he has stayed striking the majority of the fight. Frolov at times will show glimpses of some combinations but mostly he just slings heavy leather with a wide right and left hooks. I will consider Frolov as a “brawler” on the feet because he will sit in the pocket and let his hands go with no desire to avoid damage at all because he has an iron chin. The Russian has solid wrestling who is very strong and on top, he is very heavy on top with mauling active ground and pound. Frolov is an excellent talent who will do very well in the UFC but to reach the top of the division he will need to fix a few things. I said he has a solid chin but there is always someone that hits harder than the last guy so he needs to slip more punches. Another glaring weakness is the pace which slows after round 1 as he still wrestles and throws power effectively but his movement slows and he tends to walk his opponent down square footed. The last thing I worry about is him fighting off his back as he does threaten with armbars but mostly he will threaten with the guillotine (which he is very good at) to get back to his feet or scramble back up but against a good wrestler, that technique would get shut down.

How does he match-up with CB Dollaway:

Dollaway still poses a threat on the feet and more so the mat but at this stage in his career he is 35 and has a lot of fight miles. I’m comfortable saying Frolov wins this fight anywhere the fight goes as he has more power on the feet and I think he wins the takedown/takedown defense ration.

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