Welcome to the UFC: Damir Ismagulov and Alex Gorgees

The UFC is coming to Adelaide, Australia for the first time on December 1st. On the card, new UFC signee was supposed to take on Stevie Ray in a lightweight bout. Unfortunately, Ray pulled out due to injury and now UFC would sign Australians own Alex Gorgees to fight the Russian, Damir.

Damir Ismagulov
Orenburg, Russia
Trains out of Fighter Gym
1 Submission (Rear-naked-choke)

How will Damir Ismagulov fare in the UFC:

The UFC has done a great job exploring talent around the world and signing some of the top prospects around. If you ever watched M1 Global you know who Ismagulov is as he was the reigning champion for the promotion. Ismagulov is an excellent striker and kickboxer being completely at home fighting on the feet. Ismagulov is very diverse in his attacks as he uses flying knees and loves to use spinning kicks that he rarely telegraphs. Ismagulov stays on the outside mostly and fires his kicks and long-range strikes with a lot of power in his hands getting many knockdowns in his career. Ismagulov also has a ground game with improving wrestling where his grappling is top notch. He is planning a move down to 145 but where ever he goes I think he’s a future ranked and possibly better as he has shown no weakness.

Alex “Hitman” Gorgees
Sydney, Australia
Trains out of Australian Top Team
2 Submissions (Triangle, Rear-naked-choke)

How will Alex Gorgees  fare in the UFC:

Gorgees has really developed into a nice prospect compared to where he was at in the beginning of his career. The Australian has a wide display on the feet with his hands, kicks, knees, elbows, and even a Sydney slap from time to time. He’s solely a striker who will pick his opponent apart with leg kicks and long accurate punches. Gorgees is a fun and entertaining fighting and he loves to let loose to put on a show. He does leave his hands low being very open to unnecessary shots. With that said he does slip punches well but it still could result in him getting caught. Overall, Gorgees is still young and is already putting on exciting fights so the sky is the limit.

How they match up?

In the career of Gorgees he has beat opponents with a combined record of 27-30-2 and in Damir’s last seven fights the record of his opponents is 83-26. That said, Damir has proven himself against stiffer competition fighting at a much higher level. As Damir is the favorite but I like both fighters a lot so I expect a scrap.

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