Welcome to the UFC: Stefan Sekulic

With the UFC coming to Moscow, Russia on September 15th of this year the card has taken many hits with now five total fight cancellations. In the welterweight division, a bout was scheduled between Ramazan Emeev and Claudio Silva was expected but happen but Silva had to pull out due to injury. The UFC would yet again go out and find another newcomer to come in and save the fight and this time it will be Serbian, Stefan Sekulic.

Stefan Sekulic

Novi Sad, Serbia
Trains out of Family Fight Team
6 Submission (4 guillotine’s, Rear-naked-choke, armbar)

How will Stefan Sekulic fare in the UFC:

If you look at the record of Sekulic it’s actually pretty good beating a few decent fighters and a few experienced fighters. His two losses are to UFC fighter David Zawada and Adriano Balby where he was on his way to win that fight but broke his leg in round 3. The Serbian is a well-rounded fighter who has improved so much throughout his career. He doesn’t have anything in his set of skills that really sticks out but he does have good weapons. On the feet, Sekulic does have problems at times throwing single strikes but he does throw hard and uses solid head movement slipping punches and countering effectively. He also has solid kickboxing but he doesn’t really have any setups behind or before the kicks being a reason he missing when going high but does a good job going to the legs. I believe if he has an area where he is at his best it would be on the mat in top position as he has nasty ground and pound and will actively attack the arms for submission. The wrestling is also solid where he mainly utilizes trips but he closes the distance well. I think this is a good pick up but I’m not sure if he’s a future ranked fighter but I do think he has a good future at only 26 so time will tell.

How does he match up with Ramazan Emeev:

Both these two are very similar in style and it could be a close bout. Emeev though has beaten some high-level competition for a long time and that could play a big factor on the feet. Emeev should have a clear advantage with his wrestling where Sekulic has been taken down by lesser fighters. Sekulic does pose a threat on the feet but his one-punch, slip, one-punch plays into Emeev’s style perfectly being a solid counter striker. I’m comfortable saying Emeev wins this but I look for Sekulic to have a good showing.


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