Welcome to the UFC: Sumudaerji

On November 13th, James Lynch (LynchOnSports) announced that former UFC fighter Louis Smolka has resigned with the promotion. Per MMA Junkie, Smolka will return November 24th in Beijing, China. Smolka will go against promotion newcomer Sumdareji.

“Tibetan Eagle”
Trains out of Enbo Gedou
1 Submission (???)

How will Sumudaerji fare in the UFC:

Sumudaerji is a name that’s not too familiar to the MMA fan base and even to the more hardcore MMA fans. With that said, after watching footage I am very impressed with Sumudaerji. The Chinese fighter fights with a karate base with a tall build and a long reach. You can say he’s one dimensional as Sumudaerji doesn’t hardly ever shoot for a takedown but his takedown defense is very good. Sumudaerji’s favorite strike is the sidekick as he will throw it to the body and switch it up to the head which is so precise and quick. His speed and footwork are very good and the amount of distance he can cover so fast is excellent. Everything is set up with his kicks and sometimes all he throws is kicks but that is what he’s good at. Sumudaerji is everything you want in a young fighter and he may not have fought good competition but I believe he has a high ceiling.

How he matches up with Louis Smolka?

Smolka and Sumudaerji have a very similar style on the feet but on the mat, Smolka is very good where Sumudaerji is untested. Smolka has been dropped and has been out striked on the feet and if Sumudaerji wins is gonna be because of his striking. The big difference is Smolka has fought the likes of Ray Borg, Ben Nguyen, Tim Elliott, Paddy Holohan, and Brandon Moreno as the best fighter Sumudaerji beat had a 5-0-1 record. I expect Smolka to be a large favorite but I wouldn’t be surprised if Sumudaerji won.

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