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Welcome to the UFC: Rob Wilkinson

Meet the UFC's newest Aussie middleweight!

Earlier today Wilkinson announced that he has signed with the UFC and will make his debut at an unknown date and opponent is unknown as of now.
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Some info on Rob Wilkinson:
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25 years old
From Sydney, Australia
Trains out of Hybrid Training Center
Undefeated at 11-0
6 Submissions(3 RNC, Arm-Triangle, Armbar, Guillotine)
Brace 2014 MW Champion

How I see Rob Wilkinson doing in the UFC:
Wilkinson is an excellent wrestler that is a dominant force once on top. Wilkinson really works for his takedowns, and he rarely shoots in from the outside as most of his takedowns are against the fence. He is a very relentless pressure wrestler, always pressing his opponent against the fence, getting the takedown using trips, but mainly working his hands together behind the legs of his opponents and dumps them to the mat. Where Wilkinson likes to get the takedown is against the fence. It allows his opponents to get back to their feet, but Wilkinson again is relentless and loves to threaten taking the back as his opponents try to get to their feet. Once on the mat, that is where Wilkinson holds all his finished with both ground and pound and submissions. Wilkinson throws a lot of punishment on top, with slicing elbows and heavy, but active, punches. His submission skills are even better, as he is a threat anywhere on the mat. Being a dominant wrestler and excellent on top, Wilkinson does have some big wholes. On the feet, he is a bit lost, he has a good jab and hits hard, but he isn’t technical. He’ll throw single strikes, and speed lacks. Cardio is also a problem, where he holds 9 of his 10 finishes in the 1st round. He is often drained after round 1, but still relentless. Yet again, he becomes vulnerable to strikes and becomes more telegraphed. Wilkinson can beat some guys in the middleweight division, but to go long term he is gonna have to work on his striking because he isn’t gonna get everyone down. At 25 though, Wilkinson is a work in progress that is only getting better and fighting stiff competition will make him into a better fighter or show what level of athlete he really is.

Here is a highlight video of Rob Wilkinson..

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