Welcome to the UFC: Steven Peterson

With the UFC coming to Austin, Texas, later next month, the UFC have picked up exciting prospect Steven Peterson, as first reported by James Lynch. Later it was announced that Peterson will make his debut against Humberto Bandenay (14-4 MMA, 1-0 UFC).

Steven “Ocho” Peterson

27 years old
From McKinney, Texas
Training out of Fortis MMA
7 Submissions ( 3 rear-naked-chokes, 2 Guillotine’s, Omoplata, Armbar)


How I see Steven Peterson doing in the UFC:

In the last four years, Peterson has gone 7-2, with the losses to Bellator contender Leandro Higo and fellow UFC fighter Benito Lopez, along with notable wins over Manny Vazquez, Matt Hobar, Ray Rodriguez (twice), and Irwin Rivera. Peterson is a very good fighter and each time in that cage he never lacks toughness, aggressiveness, and heart. He is truly a warrior and leaves everything he has in the cage each and every time he steps into that cage. Peterson is a guy you don’t want to be on the mat with, as on the bottom he’s shown a dangerous guard, and even when opponents attempt to take him down, he is an expert at taking the neck no matter where he’s at. Peterson on top is a force, he has nasty ground and pound with elbows and is proficient at taking dominant positions. He also specialises in taking the back for the RNC, with three wins in his career. On the feet isn’t where Peterson is most comfortable, but he is fun and his willingness to brawl gets him hit way more than what he should, but that being said, he has an iron chin and it will take a lot to really fluster the guy. Peterson recently moved back up to featherweight where he seems in better shape so it will be interesting to see how he does in the UFC, but I can guarantee he will earn some fans once he debuts.

How I see Steven Peterson matching up with Humberto Bandenay:

Bandenay’s kickboxing is his best weapon and he fires it to his opponent’s body often, not to mention he also has two head kick knockouts on his resume, including one in his UFC debut back in August of last year against Martin Bravo. Humberto a good counter striker with a lot of power and accuracy, and he counters very well moving backwards. At times he only throws single strikes but when he puts in combinations using kicks that is when he’s at his best. You take away that debut it’s hard to tell how good his takedown defense really is. In some fights he has stellar takedown defense, defending deep attempts, and in some fights he has been taken down with ease. As it’s still hard to get a read on Humberto, I feel Peterson can use his wrestling, but like I said, you still don’t know what to expect.

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