WFCA 53 Results & Clips: Murad Abdulaev claims gold, Chechen fighters perfect on the undercard

Grozny, Chechnya – Former M-1 champ Murad Abdulaev upset defending WFCA welterweight beltholder Abubakar Vagaev in the main event, but otherwise it was smooth sailing for the home fighters who triumphed in every WFCA 53 undercard contest.  Read on for notes on every fight and clips of the top action from WFCA 53, which included a special appearance from boxing legend Floyd Mayweather at the side of Ramzan Kadyrov.


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WFCA Welterweight Title:


Murad Abdulaev (18-6, #119 World)

KO, Round 2 – Left Hand

Abubakar Vagaev (16-3, #76 World)

Former M-1 champ Murad Abdulaev must have seen the dodgy decision in the WFCA 53 co-main event, as he kept things out of the hometown judges’ hands with a crushing round 2 KO of defending champ Abubakar Vagaev. Grozny’s Vagaev got off to a nice start as he pressured constantly and picked at Abdulaev from range. Then things changed in an instant, one minute into round 2. Krasnodar’s Abdulaev distracted Vagaev with a front kick that barely missed the mark, and followed up with a perfect left hand that sent the champ careening to the floor unconscious! Brutal stuff from Murad Abdulaev, who added the WFCA welterweight belt to his trophy case in emphatic fashion and deprived the Chechen fans of a perfect evening at WFCA 53.




WFCA Middleweight Title:


Salamu Abdurakhmanov (10-1, #92 World)

Split Decision, 5 rounds

Shamil Abdulaev (11-1, #78 World)

The first 20 minutes of this WFCA middleweight clash were filled with measured striking exchanges that allowed defending champ Salamu Abdurakhmanov and challenger Shamil Abdulaev to show off their technical skills and defensive prowess. Vladivostok, Russia’s Abdulaev seemed to have the edge on the feet, but it was close. Chechnya’s Abdurakhmanov, for his part, hung tough in the striking exchanges and spent several minutes controlling the fight against the cage. The champ never managed to score a takedown, though, and found himself smooshed to the mat by Abdulaev in round 5 when the pace picked up. Abdulaev finished the fight controlling from top position, cardio intact. It looked like 28 year old Shamil Abdulaev did enough to take the WFCA belt and become the first competitor at WFCA 53 to score a win over a Chechen local, but the judges favored the home champ Salamu Abdurakhmanov via split decision.  Hometown decision, maybe, but not enough happened in rounds 1-4 to really cry robbery.



WFCA 53 Undercard:


155: Khusein Khaliev (19-1, #41 World)  Sub2-RNC  Oton Jasse (17-4, #299 World)

Rio de Janeiro’s Oton Jasse entered WFCA 53 with tons of momentum thanks to 8 straight finishes, 7 by choke. But the Brazilian had nothing to offer when spinkick master Khusein Khaliev decided to engage in his world on the mat. Khaliev dominated with top control & moderate ground striking for 2 rounds while keeping his neck safely out of Jasse’s grasp. A couple of times it looked like Khaliev might break his foe with ground strikes, but in the final minute of round 2 Jasse gave up his neck and allowed the rock-solid Chechnyan to squeeze out the RNC win. Quite a statement for Khusein Khaliev to make against a submission specialist like Jasse.



170: Beslan Ushukov (16-3, #131 World)  KO1  Rene Pessoa (17-5, #235 World)

Easy money for Grozny’s Ushukov, who unloaded a perfect step-in left hook onto Pessoa’s jaw as the Brazilian offered a weak leg kick 30 seconds into the fight. Moments later Ushukov finished with a clean KO courtesy of a thunderous left-right combo. Tally a second straight quick knockout for Beslan Ushukov since he came up short against reigning WFCA 170 pound champ Abubakar Vagaev in a title fight 12 months ago.



145: Dzhikhad Yunusov (15-4, #195 World)  UD3  Ramazan Kishev (13-2, #328 World)

Yunusov was the first Chechnyan fighter to experience trouble at WFCA 53, but he weathered a blistering start from Kishev to pull out rounds 2 and 3 and score a decision win. Kishev caught Yunusov in front headlock position multiple times in round 1, scoring with several knees to the face including an illegal grounded shot that stopped the action briefly. After a great start to the fight, Kishev showed signs of tiring early. Yunusov gradually caught up to Kishev on the feet and scored several takedowns in the second half of the fight to seal the win over his gassed opponent. Since suffering a 3 fight losing streak in 2014, Yunusov has rebounded with 11 wins in 12 fights – the only loss coming to Rebney-era Bellator tournament winner Frodo Khasbulaev. Kishev saw his 10 fight win streak turn to dust.



265: Alikhan Vakhaev (8-2, #114 World)  UD3  Kyle Noblitt (9-2, #203 World)

The local fighters’ perfect start continued as 6’6″ Akhmat Fight Club talent Vakhaev largely dominated Glory MMA & Fitness rep Noblitt. The 25 year old Vakhaev patiently picked away at range during the first 2 rounds while stuffing the American wrestler’s takedown tries. The Chechnyan’s best moment came at the end of round 2 when he nearly finished on the ground. Things got sloppy as both men traded top position in round 3, with Vakhaev ending the round fishing for an RNC. Another clear decision win for the home team.



145: Apti Bimarzaev (14-3, #272 World)  UD3  Rodrigo Magalhaes (9-1-1, #393 World)

Easy money for Bimarzaev, who picked apart the outgunned Magalhaes for all 15 minutes. The Brazilian’s heart was on display as he kepy trying to connect with a big shot despite eating a buffet of jabs from the 26 year old Belarussian.



170: Chersi Dudaev (9-1, #305 World)  TKO1  Luciano Contini (13-3, #370 World)

Grozny’s Dudaev dropped Brave CF alum Contini with the first right hand that found its mark midway through round 1. Once he had the Brazilian stunned, Dudaev followed him to the ground and put him out on the mat in short order.



155: Khunkar Osmaev (9-5-1, #240 World)  UD3  Jun Hee Moon (10-6, #453 World)

Moon took a ton of damage in this one but never stopped coming forward until the final bell. Osmaev nearly finished when he landed a perfect counter spinning kick to the liver midway through round 1 and followed up with a knockdown via left hand. Moon toughed out RNC and armbar tries, but that was as good as things got for the South Korean as the Grozny local Osmaev slugged his way to a clear (if hard fought) decision.



125: Magomedgadzhi Sirazhudinov (5-1, #193 World)  UD3  Dias Erengaipov (9-2, #139 World)

Kazakhstan’s Erengaipov showed off skills on the feet, but didn’t have the wrestling game or cardio to keep pace with Dagestan’s Sirazhudinov in this 15 minute card-opener.  A goofy sequence in round 1 saw Sirazhudinov tackle his foe straight out of the cage:



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