Willis ‘Silverblack’ Black III continues to do what he does best

Warrior Extreme Cagefighting (WXC) gained a new welterweight champion on November 9 during WXC 74 Allegiance at the Crystal Gardens in Southgate, Michigan.

Willis ‘Silverblack’ Black III (6-2) is becoming a threat at 170 pounds by proving his skills are above his time. The 24-year-old showcased another solid TKO win over Jake ‘Brutal’ Bostwick just 17 seconds into the first round.

Performing six TKO/SUB finishes against challengers like Marco Shallman and Dustin Parrish to name some on the resume. Along with every victory on his professional record within two years, the sky is the limit for WXC’s self-motivated family man. Living in Michigan and training at Bushido MMA, the champ has sought comfort in the way the fight game is going in that part of town. However, hopes of fighting in the UFC to bring more money to the table is there, but wherever the career takes him is the direction to follow.

On that note, for now, the idea of taking a break to spend time with family seems like the smart option. Coming out of three back to back fight camps since June with numerous finishes over and over? How is this notorious 24-year old, who is physically gifted, not afraid for the lack of fights in Michigan? Good thing the promotion hasn’t run into any issues getting fights for the welterweight champion, however, the challenge to become content is still a road ahead.

“I feel like I haven’t made my mark in the division,” Black told MMA Today. “People are still going to find reasons not to like me.”



With not much left to prove in some eyes, the downfall of feeling underestimated will always linger. WXC should know off hand what kind of fighter they have on their roster, yet the future is nothing but open doors. As long as ‘Silverback’ continuously marches into the octagon showcasing what he has throughout these short years; without a doubt, his name will be vocalized from everyone’s mouth. Because from the sound of it, he has no worries getting fights whatsoever.

People underestimate my grappling,” Willis expressed. There being well-rounded MMA fighters in all divisions using additional skills in the cage to gain wins isn’t just rare, but being successful at it is an added bonus. It’s only a matter of time before Willis ‘Silverback’ Black III shocks the world again by defining his career one goal at a time. There are some fighters in mind to fight next, but in the meantime, nothing else is on his mind except steak, hamburgers, family and birthdays.

“I’ll be back soon and they better be ready.”

Look out for this one, because with how fast he finishes his opponents in the cage, you might miss his next move.


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